Guest Lecture: “The Unorthodox Wisdom of Dennis Rodman,” AMST344: “North Korea in the US Imagination,” Department of American Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, October 18


Guest Panelist: “Please Believe Us With All Your Heart’: The Nonpatriated Asian Prisoner of the Korean War, The Korean Demilitarized Zone, and US Liberal Empire, 1947-1953.” The Mellon Initiative in Comparative Border Studies, University of California, Davis, April 10


Guest Lecture: “On Korean Americans in the Media,” AAS360: “Koreans in America,” Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco State University, November 12

Featured Speaker: “De/militarizing Empire: The Nonpatriated Asian Prisoner of the Korean War, the Korean DMZ, and De/militarized Structures of Feeling.” Diaspora Cluster Lecture Series, University of Illinois-Chicago, March 4


Guest Lecture: “On Migration and Non-Realist Performance,” DRA5: “Understanding Performance: Appreciation of Modern Theatre, Dance, Film and Performance Art, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of California, Davis, October 28

Guest Lecture: “On 38th Parallels and Autobiographical Performance,” First Person America, Temple University, October 4