Asian American Studies Program – University of Maryland, College Park

Introduction to Asian American Studies (Fall 17; Summer 18; Fall 18)
Asian American History (Fall 17-Spring 18)
Asian American Performance (Spring 18)
Asian American Media (Spring 18)
Asian American Film (Winter 19)
Techno-Orientalism (Fall 18)
Independent Research (Fall 17; Fall 18)

Committee on Degrees in History & Literature – Harvard University

Junior Tutorial (Fall 16-Spring 17)
Senior Tutorial (Fall 16-Spring 17)
Asian American Cultural Studies (Fall 16)

American Studies Program – Wellesley College

Asian/Aliens and Techno-Orientalism (Spring 16)
Asian American Performance (Spring 16)
Forgotten/Remembered: The Korean War and Asian/American Culture (Fall 15)

Writing Program – Wellesley College

Imag(in)ing Asian America: Stereotypes and (S)heroes on Page, Stage and Screen (Fall 15)

Asian/Asian American Studies Program, Miami University

Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies (Fall 14-Spring 15)
Asia and Globalization (Fall 14-Spring 15)

Asian American Studies Program, CUNY-Hunter College

Asians in the U.S. (Fall 09-Spring 10)
Asian American Media (Fall 09-Spring 10)