Asian American Studies Program – University of Maryland, College Park

Introduction to Asian American Studies
Asian American History
Asian American Oral History
Asian American Performance
Asian American Media
Asian American Film
Korean American Society and Culture
Independent Research

Committee on Degrees in History & Literature – Harvard University

Junior Tutorial (Fall 16-Spring 17)
Senior Tutorial (Fall 16-Spring 17)
Asian American Cultural Studies (Fall 16)

American Studies Program – Wellesley College

Asian/Aliens and Techno-Orientalism (Spring 16)
Asian American Performance (Spring 16)
Forgotten/Remembered: The Korean War and Asian/American Culture (Fall 15)

Writing Program – Wellesley College

Imag(in)ing Asian America: Stereotypes and (S)heroes on Page, Stage and Screen (Fall 15)

Asian/Asian American Studies Program, Miami University

Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies (Fall 14-Spring 15)
Asia and Globalization (Fall 14-Spring 15)

Asian American Studies Program, CUNY-Hunter College

Asians in the U.S. (Fall 09-Spring 10)
Asian American Media (Fall 09-Spring 10)